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About Calorie Coach

Joe Heitzeberg
January 01, 2023


Calorie Coach is an AI-powered calorie tracking and fitness application available over SMS.

Anyone can use it simply texting 325-225-6743 (that’s 325-CALORIE) or by clicking the button on the website caloriecoach.ai.

Why track calories?

Losing weight isn’t rocket science. It’s about eating fewer calories than you burn. That’s why tracking your calorie intake is so important. The AI makes it easy, allowing you to quickly text descriptions of your food and leaving the grunt work of figuring out calories and tracking everything to the computer.

What can I expect?

Calorie Coach starts by asking you a few questions about yourself, such as your age, gender, current weight and goals. We use this information to calculate your daily calorie needs and to report progress against that.

When you eat or drink something, just send a text to 325-225-6743 (that’s 325-CALORIE) with a quick description. That’s it!

If you forget to do this, Calorie Coach will text reminders to you around meal times.

Ask for “help” to get a unique URL where you can set up reminders, view your progress and delete entries that you didn’t mean to log.

Anything else?

This service is currently free, but the services that enable it (SMS and AI) are not, so if you find this useful and want to encourage me to keep it running, please let me know how I can improve it and please consider buying me a coffee.

Please note: This service currently works with mobile phone numbers in certain countries (USA, Canada, Australia… check the home page for a full list) Other countries are too expensive over SMS so I will need to use WhatsApp or something.

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