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Exploring the Cutting Edge: Key Trends in the LLM and Generative AI Developer Community

July 27, 2023 3 minutes 2 photos

Developers are democratizing AI access, automating workflows, customizing experiences, combining modalities, synthesizing knowledge, and addressing ethical challenges. Key trends include open-source tools, personalized AI agents, multimodal applications, and responsible AI mechanisms to minimize misinformation, showcasing the creativity of the LLM developer community.

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Architecture Maestro from Now On

March 22, 2023 3 minutes

Over the past couple of years, I've transitioned to an AI-native coding approach, with GPT-4 as my primary coder. I now serve as the "architecture maestro," overseeing the codebase while GPT-4 handles the coding, resulting in a faster and more efficient workflow.

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About Calorie Coach

January 01, 2023 2 minutes 2 photos

Calorie Coach is an AI-powered calorie tracking app available via SMS. Simply text 325-225-6743 to log your food, and the AI will handle the rest. It calculates your daily calorie needs and sends reminders. The service is currently free, but donations are appreciated to keep it running.

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Launching DREAM.page

November 10, 2022 1 minute

I launched DREAM.page, an AI-first personal publishing platform. It's in early stages, so check out the video walkthrough and sign up to get off the waitlist. DM me to access the actual product.

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AI assisted blog images

October 23, 2022 1 minute 4 photos

Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has withdrawn from the race to become Britain's next leader, citing insufficient support from lawmakers compared to frontrunner Rishi Sunak.

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My first deep learning model: Doo Doo Detective

September 26, 2022 3 minutes 2 photos

I created a deep learning model called "Doo Doo Detective" to detect when my dog is doing her business, using a pre-trained ResNet-18 model fine-tuned on my own data. I deployed the model on Hugging Face as a Gradio app, but was unable to use DALL-E 2 for synthetic training data due to content restrictions.

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Developing a coding habit in a 12 year old

September 16, 2022 2 minutes 2 photos

Developing a coding habit in a 12-year-old: Keep it simple with Replit, code frequently with short, fun problems, and focus on building "real code" rather than a full working app to make coding engaging and help the basics stick.

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Stable Diffusion Test

September 08, 2022 1 minute 4 photos

Blogging software with "stable diffusion" feature allows users to add photos to posts by simply selecting a description and clicking a tag, which automatically handles the image generation process. This magic feature provides a convenient way to enhance blog content.

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Zoom meeting backgrounds (DALL·E 2)

August 01, 2022 1 minute 67 photos

Looking for Zoom meeting personality? Check out DALL.E 2 AI-generated backgrounds - a wide range of options to make your meetings stand out.

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Let's test some photo frame renders!

July 17, 2022 3 minutes 15 photos

The blogging software enables handwritten posts and beautiful photo frames without effort. It automatically transforms images into framed photographs and formats code. The user-friendly editor provides various frame designs, including "Wood Frame," "Gallery Frame," and "iPhone 13 Pro," handling portrait and landscape orientations. The post also mentions the integration of Disqus for comments and the use of AI-generated images.

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More DALL·E 2 Generations

July 05, 2022 3 minutes 36 photos

"Leica M11 photo of a bald eagle in a disco jumpsuit, AI-generated variations of a dog, pixel art of friends gaming, clowns in distress, a Chinese space shuttle, a New York ice age, a jetski superman, and iPhone photos of aliens - all generated by DALL-E 2."

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DALL·E 2 Generations in the style of Banksy

July 05, 2022 3 minutes 8 photos

Ed's Banksy-inspired DALL-E 2 prompts produced mixed results - some interesting pro-consumerism and anti-environmentalism artworks, but also concerning political and corporate logo designs that violated content policies. The AI struggled to fully capture Banksy's powerful, subversive style.

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My first experiments with DALL·E

July 02, 2022 4 minutes 67 photos

I just got DALL-E 2 and generated various images, including mummies drinking espresso, a heart-shaped lemon gelato, a melting ice sculpture of world leaders, Mount Rainier erupting, a Godzilla paper mache figurine, and a Bernedoodle with its owner, among other creative and imaginative scenes.

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Open AI / GPT-3 Presentation

February 24, 2022 22 minutes

Deep learning and large language models like GPT-3 are revolutionizing natural language processing, enabling text generation, translation, summarization, and more. While current models have limitations, the technology is rapidly improving, with even larger and more capable models on the horizon that could transform customer experiences and business workflows.

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June 07, 2020 3 minutes 11 photos

AI Tinkerers, DREAM.page, ReVision, Train, Recovery IQ, AI Long Doc Summarizer, Sloppy Joe, arXiv Spotlight, Commander, Language Tutor, AI Chatbot Generator, AI Writer, and GpH - a collection of innovative AI-powered projects and prototypes developed by the author.

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“Please help me understand the value of working with a VC”

April 06, 2015 3 minutes

The key value of working with a good VC is their money, credibility, and pattern-matching expertise that can help your company grow faster, even when things don't go as planned, by providing additional funding, key hires, and customer introductions that founders alone may struggle to access.

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What are you passionate about in a company?

February 27, 2013 3 minutes 3 photos

I am passionate about working at a company with a clear, purposeful mission that inspires me and the team, surrounded by the best people who push me out of my comfort zone, building beautiful, elegant customer experiences, breaking new ground, and having a great, viable business model - not just chipping away at the status quo.

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Seattle Half Marathon Recap

November 25, 2012 1 minute 4 photos

Running through Seattle's downtown in a zombie-like fog, the half marathon featured sensory-depriving tunnels, abundant aid stations, challenging hills, lively music, and humorous signs. The beautiful city scenery and supportive energy of fellow runners made for an enjoyable experience, capped by a Krispy Kreme finish.

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How to Print Your Own Children’s Books (that won’t be eaten or torn apart)

January 04, 2012 3 minutes

Custom photo books with sturdy, laminated pages make great keepsakes for infants and toddlers. Services like My Custom Story, Pintsize Productions, and Treasured Ink allow you to design and print personalized children's books using your own photos and text, ensuring they withstand little hands.

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How to Use Google Docs to Get Continuous User Feedback

July 26, 2011 3 minutes

Quickly set up a continuous feedback system using Google Docs Forms and a simple script to email real-time survey results, log data in a spreadsheet, and gather feedback on first-time customer experiences, new writer engagement, and new feature launches - all for free.

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