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Advice for Visitors to Japan

September 07, 2009 5 minutes

I spent nearly 2 years living in Japan, both deep in the countryside working on a farm and in the heart of Tokyo working in an R&D lab. Beside that, I studied Japanese at the graduate level and worked in the mobile…

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Insider tips for visitors to Seattle

September 03, 2009 2 minutes

Here are some of my favorite places to take guests visiting Seattle. Enjoy!

For post card views of downtown , there’s Kerry Park in Queen Anne. Even my jet-lagged friends thank me for dragging them here. Surprising that not many Seattle natives…

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The Museum of Coffee Gift Shop (aka Starbucks)

August 22, 2009 1 minute

In his book, “Pour Your Heart Into It”, Howard Schultz describes his life story and the story of how Starbucks was built. Great book, btw. In it, he mentions being inspired by Italian cafes that function as gathering places and are part…

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About Me

June 13, 0202 2 minutes 3 photos

I’m Joe Heitzeberg, entrepreneur, computer scientist, MIT Sloan MBA and co-founder and chairman of Crowd Cow. 2019 recipient of the Allen School Alumni Impact Award (UW Department of Computer Science).


I’m currently working on a new company called Blueprint AI at…

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