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LeadsCon: a crash course in “show me the money!!”

Joe Heitzeberg
June 23, 2010

LeadsCon: a crash course in “show me the money!!”

Any entrepreneur looking for a quick crash course in how to extract money from online, and who learns through immersion, should attend LeadsCon in New York City on July 26 – 27, 2010. (update: see discount links below!)

Whereas at a web 2.0 or Twitter conference you might participate in any number of fascinating discussions about such things as privacy implications, societal impacts of social media and which startup has the most compelling office space, at LeadsCon you’re going to hear something different: people talking about money and how to make loads of it.

Intelligent, creative, friendly people who understand how to turn traffic into cold hard cash. You’ll learn lean startup and agile development techniques for getting massive piles of cash into your bank account. It is refreshing and useful.

There is no other conference like it. At the last LeadsCon in Vegas, long time attendees remarked how “our little industry is starting to get big”. Recent successes like QuinStreet and LendingTree have attracted silicon valley VCs and web 2.0 entrepreneurs to the mix. Momentum is building and it is definitely a good time to get involved.

Take it from Dave Schappell of TeachStreet who entered the conference skeptical and left salivating at the prospects of turbo-charging his classes and courses business. Read about that here on TechCrunch.

Jay Weintraub (the organizer) has given me some discount links, and the biggest discount expires THIS Friday, June 25th at midnight — $250 off the full ticket price. Here it is: http://bit.ly/buoU7w after that, the discount is $150.

See you at LeadsCon.

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