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More DALL·E 2 Generations

Joe Heitzeberg
July 05, 2022

“Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, Leica M11”

“Incredibly lifelike full-color illustration by John James Audubon, Bald Eagle with bell-bottoms and glitter jump suit at Disco Championships”

Next, I uploaded this picture of our dog and asked for variations.

Uploaded photo:


Next, I uploaded some 2D pixel art with a large transparent frame and entered the text, “Me and my friends playing video games, high quality 2d pixel art”.


“A courtroom sketch of a birthday clown flanked by two police officers. Although the clown’s outfit is happy, he looks visibly shaken and sad.”

“The saddest clown, sobbing and with tears streaming down his cheeks, holding a beer, studio portrait by Annie Leibovitz”

Edits of our dog with AI bunny

“If I don’t make it home, please remember it wasn’t because I didn’t try.”

“BEIJING (AP) - China has successfully launched a Chairman Mao decorated space shuttle adorned with bright red paint and other ridiculous decorations in honor of the former Chinese leader, AP Photo”

“NEW YORK CITY (AP) - A sudden ice age has hit the city of New York, leaving the city in over 2 feet of snow; a polar bear can be seen running down the street in this photo taken in the Flatiron neighborhood, AP Photo”

“A man on a jetski wearing a superman outfit is being chased by police through the narrow canals of Venice, Italy at dusk, Nikon 50mm”

“This photo was taken by a man in downtown Portland, Oregon, and it shows a flying saucer hovering near the buildings. The photo is extremely believable and it’s sure to excite any UFO enthusiasts.”

“I took this photo on my iPhone tonight shows a alien spacecraft of some kind with a row of glowing yellow lights as the ship hovers over a park. You can tell by the shadows and lighting that this is not photoshopped!”

“My iphone photos of a flying saucer landing in the street in front of my house at around sunset tonight – you can see an alien or something beaming down from the ship!”

“iPhone photos of the aliens creatures who, like us, walk on two legs and were around 9 feet tall, with huge heads, buggy eyes,, some kinds of exoskeleton in the midsection, and glowing lights on their space suits, around sunset, in the street in front of my house.”

Note: the iPhone and Polaroid wrappers were added to the DALL·E 2 photo after.

“professional 2d pixel art of a robot and a human writing together”


“A zoom background of a vintage style office”

uploads/joeh/1657917943/DALL·E 2022-07-15 13.30.28 - a zoom background of a vintage style office.png

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