My first experiments with DALL·E [Currently Obsessed]

My first experiments with DALL·E

Joe Heitzeberg
July 02, 2022

“Two Egyptian mummies enjoying espresso and some pizza somewhere in Italy (50mm lens high quality photo)”

“Lemon gelato that’s been shaped to look like a heart, on a handmade waffle cone being held up to the camera in a cobblestone courtyard somewhere in italy”

“High quality photo of an amazing ice sculpture of two world leaders shaking hands, glistening in the sun and starting to melt”

“Photo of Mount Rainier volcano erupting suddenly on a clear day with seattle visible in the distance”

“Diorama made of clay of a group of computer programmers looking disapprovingly at their CMO who has just given them diet pepsi instead of mountain dew”

“Exquisite Paper Mache figurine of Godzilla with his arm around the Eiffel tower”

“A loyal bernedoodle looking lovinging at its master, 50mm lens, studio lighting”

“Guy riding a skateboard throwing bananas at everyone in the style of matisse”

“A tray of beautiful oysters on a table at sunset at Taylor Shellfish Farms”

“Friends gathering around a tabletop ‘shichirin’ grill where an assortment of meats and seafoods are being grilled over glowing binchotan charcoal; everyone is happy.”

“With a shower of rain; we stopped in the colonnade, And went on in sunlight, into the Hofgarten, And drank coffee, and talked for an hour.”

“A high school yearbook photo of a punk rock velociraptor”

“A high school yearbook photo of a jock velociraptor”

“An award-winning photo of a llama spitting on me, Leica wide angle lens”

“A vintage lime green Land Rover Defender carved out of wood on a table with studio lighting”

“A man waking his Bernedoodle, world-class 2D pixel art”

“Pancakes stacked 3 feet high with strawberries, whipped cream and syrup overflowing over the plate an onto the table, studio photography”

“Social media profile photo of a man with short brown hair, and glasses, world-class 2D pixel art”

“A handwritten love letter written in a journal using a fine-tipped sharpie”

Note: for this one, I uploaded the photo and blanked out a place for the AI to fill in.

“Bernedoodles Are Ever Loyal by Shepard Fairey”

“A Tesla model S with a psychedelic graffiti paint job, lens flare”

“Kayaking down a molten lava river, digital art”

“A man with brown hair, jeans and a white t-shirt walking his bernedoodle by Banksy, stenciled into the side of a building”

“A high quality photograph of a panda dressed in a punk rock outfit holding hands with a sloth dressed in a hippie outfit, by Annie Leibovitz”

“A high quality studio photograph of a young velociraptor with a mohawk and a leather jacket, by Annie Leibovitz”

“The Statue of David made entirely out of match sticks, 20” by 6”, studio lighting”

“A minimalist landscape photograph resembling a traditional Chinese painting, photograph”

“A 20-foot tall Statue of David made entirely out of bananas, 50mm lens high quality photo”

“A painting by Salvador Dali of a young boy with an iPhone and a Bernedoodle”

“A painting by Salvador Dali in the style of Persistence of Memory of a young boy with an iPhone and a Bernedoodle”

“10 Bernedoodles form a pyramid for the finale of their cheerleading routine at the Superbowl, telephoto lens”

“3 polar bears dressed in their traditional clothes at the summit of Mount Everest to celebrate their successful ascent, high quality photo, wide angle lens “

“Darth Vader competing in the Beijing 2022 winter olympics figure skating competition, professional photo, high res, wide angle lens”

Beijing 2022

“Tesla’s new “cybermoto” electric motorcycle, studio lighting, 4k photo-realistic render”

Note: for fun I added a Polaroid frame to some of the shots.

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