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Seattle Half Marathon Recap

Joe Heitzeberg
November 25, 2012

Seattle Half Marathon Recap

Running in the cement confines of the I-90 tunnel was a kind of sensory deprivation. Felt like a giant treadmill. Guy with megaphone shouting “full marathoners to the left, half marathoners to the right” was echoed and muffled from the first part of the tunnel….and again evoked a zombie apocalypse.

Aid stations! Everywhere! So many of them. What the heck!!? This is definitely no Tough Mudder. — I didn’t need to carry water or GU. They had plenty, all the time, everywhere.

People I talked to cautioned about the hills at Madison and Interlaken. They were tough, but not bad. It’s no Tough Mudder. The energy of the other runners carries everyone forward.

Marching band! Bluegrass band!

By the way, what a beautiful city! Interlaken is beautiful.

Sign says “You’re almost there.” Another says “That’s what she said”.

Down the hill past Row House, one of my favorite cafes.

The final stretch. Some guy is handing out krispy kremes. Another sign says “Great job, random person!”

Finish line.

Text message: Will and Sarah had their baby! </handwriting>

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