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Welcome. This page describes some side projects and prototypes I’ve worked on recently.

Sloppy Joe - Realistic handwriting as a service. This site also contains numerous LLM and AI experiments hidden behind a sign in wall. The handwriting service has been used on the order of a million times.

Personal Podcast - just enter a few keywords and an AI will monitor the internet for articles that you might be interested in and create a podcast in your own voice. - Your AI calorie tracker and fitness coach.

AI Summarizer - Summarize long texts or web pages and use chat bot to ask questions about the contents.

Currently Obsessed - my recently revived blog from 2009 using the blog software I’ve always wanted:

Hack Things - From 2013 to 2016, my friend Ethan and I maintained the Hack Things blog about internet of things and hosted meetups.

Commander - “full self-driving for the internet.” Issue plain English instructions and the AI will surf the web for you (from the cloud) allowing you to easily automate websites, perform audits, scrape data, ask questions and perform simple tasks on your behalf.

Language Tutor - Record audio in English or Japanese to automatically transcribe, translate and generate study lists. Built using Open AI Whisper + GPT-3.

AI Chatbot Generator - quickly create chatbot UIs from Reddit AMAs, etc.

AI Writer - easily create and tune large language model prompts. Export prompts as APIs, or bulk generate content from CSVs. This is what powers the NLP features in all of my other applications and projects.

GpH - home automation that stays out of the way, dutifully managing lights, arming the security system, and alerting us when we’ve left a door open by mistake.

Dialer - low-cost international calls and text messages from a webpage. I use this while traveling overseas and when selling things on Craigslist.

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